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What is Fight Food?

You may have noticed the recurring label on this blog called Fight Food...
I'm not a diet freak or anything, but I suppose if I were to hop on the bandwagon, Fight Food would correspond to the Paleo appropriate foods.
High Protein, Low Carb, All Natural..
but Fight Food is more than that..
Fight Food is paleo, but with that little extra something that makes you feel like the top of the world (drug free, of course)
it makes you feel high on life, ready to take on any challenge
but not only does it make you feel that way.. you ARE that way!
Fight Food is a way of life trying to most resemble our ancestors' way of eating, but with that extra pinch of ginger or chili.. 
you know.. 
to make it interesting..

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  1. Votre source de motivation est l'ingrédient qui peut faire toute la différence.

    Pain d'Epices for Life . . .


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