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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Big Ass 1/2 lb Burger

I read the Pioneer Woman makes 1 lb burgers. I'm not quite there yet. These 1/2 pounders were pretty hefty and left me full and happy. It's nice to be able to eat a big ass juicy burger sometimes.
Here's my composition for 2 burgers.
1 lb ground beef (I used lean, but I'll use 15/75 next time)
Seasoned and then formed into 2 patties with:
1 tbsp EVOO
1 Tbsp basalmic vinegar
5 squirts Louisiana hot sauce (or Tapatio or Tabasco)
Topped with:
2 shallots, sliced and caramelized in butter with 1 tsp sugar
St Marcellin cheese (or any "fancy" cheese.. use goat or blue)
1 tomato
Batavia leaves
all this on toasted buns smeared with spicy mayo
Next time, I will put this on kaiser rolls. Way better than traditional hamburger buns!

With a side of home fries

Struggling to get your mouth around it = Heaven!
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