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Friday, July 27, 2012

The 'O' Tomato

The letter O can mean many things.  Organic.  Oh my...
In this case, it is both.
There is nothing quite like something grown in a garden, for personal use (not for mass production).  It is planted as a seed, cared for and nurtured as it grows into a little sprout, then a plant, then it is given crutches to help keep it's back straight.  It is watered daily and given sunshine.  It is observed until ripe, and then it is tenderly picked, 
lovingly prepared, and eaten with delight.
I've had home grown tomatoes before, but nothing quite like this.  It hardly seems a myth that the north of France doesn't get as much happiness from it's sunlight.  This Lyon grown tomato is bursting with flavor, not too acidic, just the right sweetness.  It hardly needs seasoning, it just needs to be enjoyed.
Unless you grow your own, you never know when the next O tomato will come into your life, so savour this one.

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  1. Very nice story, very beautiful photo, thank you for this moment...