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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ostrich Party

I'd been contemplating for some time with The Pack the idea of having a themed dinner fresh from the farm.  Opening, cooking, and decorating an ostrich egg as a group is quite an entertaining activity.    This little Ostrich party started with a road trip to the Ostrich farm.  Unfortunately, the people I confided this important task to did not photograph the lovely lady who strenuously provided us her womanly sacrifice.  They did, however, come back with some excellent quality ostrich fare.
Happy Hour:  Plain and Cêpe Ostrich Paté, Ostrich Saucisson, and Radishes in Red Robin Seasoning.
 Appetizer:  Ostrich Egg Omelet.
 Main Course:  Ostrich Steak with Sautéed Ratte Potatoes
I would have decorated this with a feather or 2, just to keep with the theme.
 Dessert:  Chocolate Moelleux with Mango Sorbet and Organic Homemade Strawberry Salsa.

The original idea was to soft boil the Ostrich Egg and have everybody dip in with various items like a Fondu Party.  At the farm, they advised against the idea being it's the first time we cook an egg of this size.  I didn't want to risk a cooking flop, so we decided to go for a plain omelet to really enjoy the pure taste of the egg.
To avoid a Massacre, the Egg needed to be drilled.  (Those hairy arms are not mine)
Then, with a straw inserted deep into the yolk, some air bubbles were blown to create enough pressure for the egg to flow out.  This step was supposed to take 6 minutes, but it took us about 15.  The amount of material compacted inside that egg is just amazing!
1 Ostrich Egg = 24 Hen Eggs.  Interesting.
With a mixer, it was homogenized.
It was seasoned with salt and pepper and then cooked into omlets for 6 people as an appetizer.  The texture was much lighter than hen eggs.  It was quite delicious, although there wasn't an enormous difference in taste.

For the steaks, 5 minutes on each side cooked in duck fat instead of butter.  Just lightly seasoned with salt and fresh ground pepper. (That strange hand is mine)
The meat is just lovely.  There is definately a distinct flavor in Ostrich meat.  It is tender and full of flavor.  Although an Ostrich is from the bird Family, it is red meat and eaten medium to medium rare.

I labelled this as holiday, but the only thing we were celebrating was the acquisition of fresh farm products.  I DO believe that is a valid reason to celebrate!
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