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Friday, January 15, 2016

Peppermint Beet Carpaccio with Feta

I went crazy the day I discovered Peppermint Beets.
I was about to roughly cut up vegetables and throw them into a roasting pan when I discovered that my lighter colored beets had exquisite candy cane stripes!  I let out a little squeal of joy, then tasted a piece.
Not as earthy as their dark red cousins, but a nice crunch and lighter pleasant taste nonetheless.
I went ahead with the roasting and many plans of better exposing their beauty in the future.  They taste much different roasted than regular beets.  I preferred the raw taste test.
The next day I bought more... excited about slicing them into rounds.  When I chopped them, they had lovely stripes but where not circular.  I wanted to make carpaccio.  Ooh yes!
So I just let myself wander, adding a bit of this, and a dash of that.. and being thankful I had a stash of cilantro to perfect it all.
This little gem was the result.  It didn't really take me any time.. (except the part where I almost sliced off my finger with the mandoline and had no bandaids in the house).  All the pieces just ended up in the right place while I let my senses guide me....
Serves 1
1 peppermint beet, peeled and sliced on the 1.5mm setting of the mandoline
1 small handful salad, washed
2 Tbsp chopped cilantro
chunk of feta, chopped
few grinds black pepper
pinch of fleur de sel
pinch dried piment d'espelette
juice from 1/2 lime
hefty drizzle top quality olive oil
Plate it.
I first laid down the greens, then placed my beet slices slightly overlapping in a circle.
I sprinkled on the cilantro and feta, then added the pepper, fleur de sel,  and piment d'espelette.
The last thing I did was squeeze the lime juice all over the plate, and then douse it with olive oil.

This meal which is just a simple mixture of great quality ingredients, is the most rewarding meal to enjoy.
First, for its simplicity, next for it's swirls of beauty.. but most of all for its crisp and well seasoned morsels enhanced by the tang of lime and sharpness of feta.
It is something I've made again, and will continue making.
As an appetizer, it is just fine.
I've added poached or soft boiled eggs and made it a meal as well.
If I owned a restaurant, I would serve this and be proud of it!

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