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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sugar Cane (Ganna) Juice

Don't drink it.
It will taste great, but you will regret it.
It goes without saying that you should not drink the water in India, but when you're with family who wants you to discover all the wonderful natural and pure things you can get on the street in in India, and they insist and insist and won't take no for an answer... You end up with 5 minutes of pleasure, and several days of pain.  I'm talking about excrutiating, braveheart gut ripping pain.  I'm on my 2nd day of this and hoping it will end soon so I can actually enjoy this vacation.
It is a crazy life here...
It must be the juice extractor (pictured above) that taints the pureness of the juice.
After 3 days it gets better, but always keep emergency restroom items on hand for any unexpected spontaneous action.
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