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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Things that make me wild

Shrimp.  Naked cold, naked hot, lemon buttered, skewered, bbqed, sweet, savory, spicy hot, floating in soup, with fruits, with vegetables, on a steak.  I'd even eat the live thing off the hook.  I don't even mind peeling them all day...

Oysters.  Naked with lemon.
O my the aura they leave me in...  I'll do cooked, but nothing beats a fresh raw one full of ocean.

Mussels.  Naked, steamed, baked, raw, grilled...and always always eaten with my bare hands.  I think there is a recurring theme involving food nudity.
Mangos.  Ripe, still hard and green, in a lassi, ice cream, smoothie, salad, naked, with chicken or seafood, spicy, rubbed all over me so it can seep into my skin.
Yes that is how I feel.

Eggplant.  Roasted or grilled, as chips, as a container, layered, peeled, unpeeled, with garlic, with fried mustard anything purple that goodness can get.  It's so sophisticated with it's roundness...

Cilantro.  Strong aroma, full of flavor, will transform anything into something 10x better.  I'd even be willing to try it in one of my desserts.  Ooh what a great idea!

Chilis.  Thai, jalapeño, serrano, habanero, oiseau, espelette, morrocan, hot ones, fresh ones, frozen ones, dried ones, stuffed ones, fried, ones that make you cough when you heat them.  I like them just like that, raw, in salsa, salad, pasta.  I like to rub them on my gums like a drug addict until a bead of sweat forms on my forehead.  I like to feel the heat go through my entire body.  I have yet to try it in ice cream, but this is giving me another idea for a cookie.

And one other thing....
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