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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Plancha Mackerel and Sardines

Keeping it simple works as long as you have a drizzle of some extra special basalmic vinegar with love...
At the first ray of Spring sunshine, my hibernating plancha asked to come out and play.  This time, I grilled some sardines and mackerel seasoned with a splash of lemon, some grated garlic, fresh ground  pepper, and a drizzle of quality basalmic goodness.  The zucchini slabs and sliced bell were seasoned the same way.  All i did was slap everything on ( the fish only for the last 5 min) flip once, and enjoy the delicately seared finished product.
The plancha was harder to clean than the first time.  I maybe should have sprayed some EVOO on before placing the fish skin down on it.
I'll do that next time.
I'm not a teppan yaki expert yet, but the plancha does bring a whole new dimension to outdoor cooking.

That's enough of that.  I've got some Toor daal soaking for tonight's main event.
Who would like to join?
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