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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Two-Faced Pizza: Red Cabbage vs Asparagus

When you cook a whole head of cabbage, you end up having to rework it into new recipes, because a whole head is a lot of cabbage.
That's ok with me, though, because I think it's rather versatile.
And it's sooooo freaking pretty!
So here is my color palette, a homemade dough spread with rocket pesto (used walnuts instead of pumpkin seeds for a change.. delicious!)
on one side, red cabbage,
on the other, asparagus.
Then, I did the long long time slow roasted tomatoes.. almost 2 hours on low temperature.  These are the best way to do tomatoes.  They come out so sweet and tangy and certainly not dry.  Perfect for pizza or tossed with pasta.
The cabbage side got sautéed onions.  For the protein I slid some chicken slices all over it. 
Then came the cheese, which was pretty much all over the pizza.
I used mozzarella, feta, parmesan, some swiss, and a drizzle of chili oil to top it all off.
After about 12 minutes on the highest oven temp, I added 2 egg yolks on the asparagus side, and that's when the beauty disappeared.
Unfortunately, this one is not photo friendly, but oh was it a party in my mouth..the creamy goodness of the asparagus followed by the sweet texture of the cabbage.. quite the party..
not quite a party as those dried Malaysian plums I've been snacking on all day, but a quite memorable pizza.

I have to admit that the red cabbage is on my mind again, and I feel like going Indian style on it.
Ooh I bet it would make good halwa!
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