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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Cabbage and Apple Salad in a Miso Vinaigrette

Did somebody say apples were boring?
Oh hail no!
There are very few items that are exciting all on their own.  I can list a few (mango, chile..) but most need some type of prep or paring to be extraordinary.
Example?  Apples in a main dish.
Of course apples as a fruit all on their own are good.  They're not mind tingling and drool enhancing, but they are enjoyable nonetheless.  Pair them with cinnamon and achieve a "mmmmm!" level.  Add ginger and the brain cells will start to tingle.
In a main dish, this is exactly why I like apples.  They act as the enhancer with their zesty freshness and crunch and work well with vinegar and umami flavors such as miso.
I sometimes do not plan to use them and they jump out at me as I'm analyzing my options as the best idea in the world.  This is one of those days...
Serves 1
2 steamed or hardboiled eggs, shelled
1/2 apple, grated
2 handfuls grated cabbage
chopped cilantro
chopped green onion
1 Tbsp sesame oil
1 Tbsp black vinegar
3 cloves garlic, grated
1 tsp doubanjiang (fermented broadbean and chile paste)
1/2 inch ginger, grated
1 tsp black sesame seeds
1 tsp white sesame seeds
1 Tbsp miso paste
1.  Make the sauce by stirring all the ingredients together.
2.  Assemble, then spoon the sauce over.
3.  I can't believe dinner was that easy.

I have to admit, my black vinegar miso vinaigrette makes anything taste delicious.  It's the go-to vegetarian option for an Asian style sauce that usually uses oyster or fish sauce.
An apple a day...

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