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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fresh Mussels in a Spicy Tomato Sauce

After years and years of trying to either grow basil or keep a basil plant alive for more than 3 days, I finally conquered the challenge.
The secret?  I have absolutely no idea.
Maybe this time I tried to be careful to only pick the big leaves and leave the small leaves on the plant to develop.   Maybe this time I remembered to water it and put it on the window sill during the day and brought it in at night.  Maybe it's because I remembered to bring it in when it was too hot.. or put it on the south or east side of the house instead of full blast west as my previous living space faced.  Whatever the secret, I'm going to make it last as long as I can.  When those leaves start looking at me proudly and the plant is standing up straight, chest puffed out and shoulders back, I need to use them.  This is the type of deep deep inner desire that must be fulfilled quickly.  I'm always afraid to "waste" fresh basil by cooking it into dishes because it's so fragrant when raw and used as a topping that it can transform a dish.  I decided to go Cozze on it.
This is a repost of a Sicilian recipe I made after coming home from Italy,
Cozze alla Posillipo.
I didn't have clams this time.. only mussels, but they were big meaty mussels that perfectly filled my pleasure neurotransmitters to the maximum level.
This time I added 1 grated carrot to the sauce to help it become nice and thick.
I also added some freshly halved cherry tomatoes and chopped basil.
This is the type of dish I like to order when I'm out.  I know it's easy to make, but I never know if the seafood I'm buying is going to be good, so I only make it sparingly.
I'm recharged.. try to deplete me!

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