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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Almond Crusted Coalfish with Ajvar Quinoa and Pickled Okra

When life hands you Ajvar,  inspiration follows.
Ajvar is a Turkish/Serbian spread made with roasted paprika peppers, garlic, and eggplant.  It's like Turkish caviar.  It can be eaten as a spread for a sandwich or wrap, mixed with yogurt for a madd veggie dip, spread on toast for canap√©'s, on eggs, as a salsa... well, pretty much anything because once you dip your spoon in to taste it.. your brain starts twirling and singing and you float along the Bosphore..
So here, I had some coalfish (lieu noir) filets and I was about to use my Ajvar as a marinade, but decided to make orange quinoa instead.

Coalfish filets in a coconut almond crust with Ajvar laced quinoa and a pickled okra, beet, and feta salad.. just another weeknight dinner..

OooOooh Coqinaee

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