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Sunday, January 16, 2011

2010 NYE

A little late, but I still wanted to share the lovely dinner I served on NYE.
First: Red and black lump eggs, and scallop paté on blinis..
Oysters on schnazzy oyster plates!!
Fois gras with shallot jam on one side, and endive jam on the other... interesting
Truffled white boudin
Roasted kangaroo on wild mushrooms and mashed potatoes.
Cheese: Camenbert, Beaufort, Leerdammer, and Tome de Cambrai
And to finish it off, raspberry cake!
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  1. I thought your lump eggs were cupcakes! HA!! And, did you make this cake??? Recipe Please!! =)

  2. no I don't make or love cake... I ordered it, and it wasn't what I ordered.. I wanted a raspberry mousse and they gave me this.. but it was ok.