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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sea Bream à la Plancha

What's that you say? Buy 2 get 1 free?  Count me in!! Those babies are going to spend some time bathing in a spa treatment marinade before laying down to sizzle on my plancha.  It's only just after breakfast and I can't wait to get this going, so I'm going to start with the marinade to get my juices flowing.  The marinade is Spanish style, which is perfect for summer.
3 sea bream (dorade) gutted and scaled
4 tbsp EVOO
Juice from 1 lemon
Drizzle basalmic vinegar
4 cloves garlic, peeled and sliced
1 tsp crushed piment d'espelette or chili powder
A few cracks black pepper
Pinch of salt
1.  Make a few diagonal cuts on each side of the fish.  This will let the marinade come in contact with the flesh.
Oooh hello there!
2.  Place the fish in a dish and pour on the marinade.  With your hands massage the marinade into the fish , making sure you get the inside of it as well.  This is what I call spa treatment.  If you don't put any love into it, how can you expect it to return the favor?
3.  Cover with plastic wrap and keep in the fridge for at leat 15 minutes, turning them once.  Mine are going to be in there for a few hours.
4.   Heat the plancha to 180°C 350°F.  Cook each bream for 5 minutes on each side, basting with the marinade left in the dish.

I used about 1 tbsp of the marinade for my Med sardines that are patiently waiting their turn as well...oooooooh!

This was wonderful.
I ate it all with my fingers and it was the best thing in the world!
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