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Friday, August 23, 2013

Manguing my Piment Cookies

While making a batch of Tahini Almond cookies, I thought the whole time about the dried mango I smuggled into my happy place.  Imagine a cookie with mango, chili, and coconut...I imagine the first bite to be similar to my heart being kidnapped in a freefall, unable to control anything.. just feeling the experience and going with the flow..
My "vacation" has turned into a "staycation," so I'm sweeping myself off my own feet with kitchen adventures.
These are basically the same as my Jalapeno cookies, but with an added 120g dried chopped mango in the batter and as a topping.
I just licked my fingers full of mango chili cookie dough... please catch me while I's amazing!

The end result is exalting.  The dried mango does its job, and moistens and melts into the cookie and onto your tongue as it always has and always will...
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