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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Black Truffle Goat Kuri Pizza

Remember when I said I saved a little pizza dough to sneak a peez?
Well it's just as good after 3 days hanging out in the fridge... maybe even better.. or was that the truffled olive oil?
This was supposed to be an appetizer for 2 but ended up being dinner for 1.  Happy ending for me!
Here are the toppings:
Plenty of olive oil infused with black truffles... that stuff is amazing
slices of goat cheese
black pepper
sautéed mushrooms (they're hiding)
some grated red kuri or butternut squash

I ate it with some arugula.
Bam. Amaze yourself!

That truffled olive oil is mind blowing.  I'm roasting the rest of my red kuri squash with it right now.  There might be a risotto in sight tomorrow...
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