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Friday, August 30, 2013

Plancha of the Sea

There are certain things in life that make me swoon.. no matter what else is going on.
Here's a tip for living with a female:
a.  If there is ever tension, offer her a tentacle, okra, fresh dates, shrimp, fenugreek leaves, dosa, homemade honey, black chickpea sprouts, basil, st nectaire... or a piment for her mangue.  She will swoon.  Maybe not for you, but she will be in a better mood.
b.  Actually, offer her those types of things any day or everyday (of course, not the same thing everyday...duh) and she will maybe start swooning for you.
c.  If she is already swooning for you (ahem) don't forget to offer her these types of things every once in a while to avoid tension.  If tension occurs, refer to point a.  It is the regulation loop of relationships.
I may be generalizing here.. this is most probably MY happiness in the house regulation loop.

Tonight's "swoon for the plate" menu
Peel and eat shrimp with spicy mayo
Med sardines brushed with Chermoula à la plancha
Pink Trout in Chermoula à la plancha
accompanied by grilled veggies à a plancha:
Sliced zucchini
Sliced carrots
Tomato wedges

Be still my heart... ooOooh!
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