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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chili Toppings

The best part about American food is the toppings.
A bowl of Chili?  May I please have:
Sour Cream
Red Onion
Greed Onion
pretty please with 
Red Pepper Flakes on top?

Maybe it's not just American food... I like to over the top my Pho and my Daal as well.
Toppings are my Bling.  They make me feel... like a Millionaire.
O, and this Chili was 100% halal.
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  1. YUM!! I can't wait for Chili season! It is still a bit warm. But, you can bet that once a cloud formation appears within our sunny, blue sky (and when temps drop below 90*f)... there will be a chili cook-off in the Walke house!!


  2. Yea we went from heat wave to cold status within a few days so the chili hit the spot. Love those recipes.. put in crock pot, turn on. Hook up the happy hour.