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Saturday, September 29, 2012

O' Breakfast of Champions

Organic Oats, Milk & Honey, slightly warmed, followed by an Intense feeling of satisfaction.

I recently learned that eating warm oatmeal increases the glycemic index.  Being used to maple and bown sugar Quaker Oats growing up, I didn't even know people ate them raw.
Next time I will let them soak in my O milk for a while instead of zapping them in my molecular transformer.  I wonder if my O honey will blend in or coagulate in the cold milk?

Each day is sweeter than the day before...

absolutely no issues with blending the O honey into the cold O milk and raw Oats.  I just had to stir a little longer.  The texture is different but just as enjoyable.
I actually dreamt of this last night, except in my dream I added goji berries instead of O honey.  My goji berries were alive and crawling around in my bowl, but I found all this quite appetizing.  I may have just crossed over to the dark side...

**update #2:
I tried this with dried cranberries in cold milk with cinammon and nutmeg.  I went to work "on stage" the next day and felt completely euphoric while giving my usual technical speach.  Euphoria with healthy food without drugs?
I oualide this.

***update #3:
I found real Canadian made 100% pure maple syrup.  A spoonful of this deliciousness in the oats put a huge childhood smile on my face.
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