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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Grilled Savoy Cabbage

 Ooo Santa knocked early at my door.
A few weeks ago, I imagined grilling meat and veggies in the winter, meaning off-plancha.
Today, my imagination brought me a cast-iron griddle pan to reality.  And it's my very first Le Creuset cookware, which is apparently the champagne of cookware.  This piece of work is a 24cx24cm heavy enameled all stove types oven save and dishwasher safe ribbed pan which will sear the juices into your meat and veggies so they keep their flavor within, releasing the grease between the ribs and able to be poured out if needed.
So to pair with my big ass steak (seriously 4-5 servings)
 I decided to grill the other half of my savoy cabbage hanging around in my fridge.  It's the season, right?
There really isn't anything to this, besides the fact that it is naturally delicious with very little fuss.  The griddle gives you the BBQ taste without the coal or wood that you can do indoors (after removing your smoke detector).  The act of grilling seals the flavor into the cabbage and lets it develop its natural sweetness.
All you do is cut your cabbage into wedges.  My half cabbage made 6 wedges.  Make sure you leave some core onto the wedges so the cabbage doesn't fall apart.
Drizzle with some excellent EVOO, fleur de sel, fresh cracked pepper, and rubbed with a bit of garlic and piment d'espelette.
Then grill on the griddle pan for a few minutes each side.. until nicely colored.
Then serve with whatever you want.  I served with a slice of grilled chuck roll (basse cote) marinated in the same fun stuff as the cabbage + some rosemary.
This is one of those meals where you can appreciate each ingredient naturally and individually without much fuss but with soooo much flavor.
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