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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pintade Pizza with Kale Pesto

There are many many things you can do with holiday leftovers..
Leave them as they are and keep eating the same meal over and over again,
make an omelet out of them
make a burrito or tacos (by the way, who was the genius who defined tacos in Lyon? tssk)
toss them into pasta or fried rice
this list can go on forever, and that's a good thing.
The last of my guinea fowl or pintade is going to be a fancy topping to my pizza.
I don't have any basil, so my sauce is going to be kale pesto.. because I don't do tomato sauce on homemade pizza.  Well, not yet anyway.
100g all purpose flour
130g whole wheat flour
5g (1/2 tsp) salt
12 cL (4 fl oz) warm water
5g sugar
10g (2 tsp) yeast
2 tbsp EVOO
Cornmeal for rolling and base
oil for hands and bowl
Kale pesto
Griddled zucchini
Leftover shredded pintade or chicken or turkey
Sliced mozzarella
Roasted tomatoes
Parmesan + Shredded Swiss
Egg yolks after about 10 minutes at the highest oven temperature, then cooked 3 minutes all together
Chili oil or flakes for garnish

I reposted the dough ingredients, because it's my basic recipe I use for all my pizzas.

Satisfyingly delicious..
The kale pesto didn't have an overpowering kale flavor, which is good because it's kind of supposed to be an illusion.
We'll see more of that kale action over pasta very soon...
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