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Sunday, December 22, 2013


I have too many leftovers to start cooking or baking right now.. especially since that will mean having more leftovers
which usually isn't a problem
but I'm going to be mega cooking for the holidays and I don't like to waste food
Can't time go faster so I can get to work?

I'm so excited about making my own pie crust and spiking it with Pain d'Epices spices..
and then pouring in a heavenly mixture of reduced maple.

And making my special miso-ginger-sesame marinade and massaging my guinea fowl (pintade)
and stuffing it with yams and apples
and cooking it to juicy perfection.. which isn't easy I hear, but I have a good maternal source for cooking whole birds.

And then the next day preparing my terre et mer scallops and orange-carrot mousse appetizer..

and only after all that is over and the leftovers are eaten can I make my batch of bagels and buy red onions, capers, and lox.. or just raw salmon because smoked is not going to cut it.

after which I will surely be craving some Lebanese excellence such as falafels, hummus, and feta.  Yes oh yes!

Which will surely give way to a tandoori craving.  I wonder if I could do a whole chicken with tandoori marinade instead of just legs… hmmm.. 

and then the long week will have hopefully passed where I can again get to work for the NYE order of samosas and chutney for 6.. plus extra for freezing and redistributing to the correct people..

and maple caramel sticky buns.. oooh

Maybe I'll fast for a day.
haaa or not

and finally I will able to prepare the ultimate dessert which will be critiqued by my VIP reference:
Kaya Pie (with homemade crust of course)

That's my vacation plan and I'm counting down the hours and it's killllliiiinng me!
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