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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holiday Meal Plan Interruption

As I research a few meal plan options for Winter Solstice dinner, my concentration is interrupted by beets.
Yes I'm craving beets.  
My mind went from "the best way to roast a whole duck is at low temperature for 4 hours" to "OMG WHEN WILL I HAVE TIME TO BE MAKING BORSCHT!!??"
Where's the Food.. seriously.
Maybe it's because I know I won't be making it tonight, since it's Happy Hour Evening with Hummus and friends, so that goes out the window.
I might make it tomorrow, but I want to make sure I have enough time for Green Chile Cookies and Pumpkin Pie.
If I make it tomorrow should I use a slow cooker?  Will I have to make something else as well because it's somewhat a soup and I am the only person in the house that likes soup?
Also, if I do make it only for myself, will I be able to finish the leftovers before Tuesday?
And finally, if I don't end up making it tomorrow, how long will I have to wait?

Why is this interrupting me?
Because for Winter Solstice eve, I'm making a whole roasted ginger-orange duck with rutabagas, turnips, and potatoes.
For dessert I'm planning on some sort of Tangerine Chess Pie.
There are only 3 of us and I know I will be eating leftovers for quite some time, especially because I'm making Grilled Lobster for Winter Solstice day, so no leftovers.
My gameplay is to transform that leftover orange ginger duck into some exquisite Ravioli...
and since I'll be busting out my pasta machine, I'll be making sheets for lasagna as well.
Meaning there will be some Lasagna happening, too.
All this, and then it will surely be New Year's Eve, and I really really want to make Egg Rolls for the NYE potluck.  Since I'll be deep frying I'll want to also get my Samosa batch done so I can have them readily available for my future Indian evenings.. which I intend to have soon.. I'm actually itching for one in the very near future.
If the weekend after NYE is free and I still haven't made my Borscht, I might be able to fit it in at that time.. but I'm not sure that weekend will be free.
So I might not be able to make it for another 2 weeks.. which is disturbing my concentration.

The fact that I just wrote all that frustration down helped me organize my holiday meal plan.. so maybe I will be making my Borcht tomorrow after all.

Ah I feel better now... I'll calmly go back to my Happy Hour preparations.
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