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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Spirelli Cucumber Kumquat Beet Salad

I almost didn't post this, but it was so pretty next to my 175g griddles steak that I decided to photograph it.
And when I tasted it, I confirmed to myself that it was worth photographing, because the flavor party in that salad almost surpassed the nobility of a griddled 1" thick steak of "basse cote".
Serves 1 as a side
1/3 cucumber, spirelli'd into spaghetti
1 mini beet (from a jar) sliced
2 kumquats, julienned
1 tsp chili oil
juice from 1/2 lime
freshly cracked pepper
pinch of fleur de sel
pinch of chopped parsley

I hadn't used my spirelli in a while.. I don't know what made me think of it all of a sudden.. hmm interesting.
This salad was as tasty as it was beautiful.. and it's all in my tummy now.

I found these beets jarred by a Polish company.  I suppose julienned raw beet would be delicious as well, but I just love the way they are so small and earthy although they are cooked.  I usually prefer raw vs cooked beets, but these are really marvelous.  Think of it as roma tomato vs cherry tomato.  You see it now?
Yesssss perfection!
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