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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Watercress Laced Broccoli Quiche

Ever since I learned how to make my own pie crust, I've been having mega pie, quiche, and tart urges.
Running flour and butter through my dainty little fingers is just so pleasurable, I could easily spend all day making various ersions of sweet and savory pies.  There is something about it that makes me feel least in my right arm.
Without necessarily thinking twice about it, I've been lacing my crust with different ingredients; pain d'epice spices, ground ginger, paprika & rosemary, spinach...I think that's all so far.  Apart from the dough working its way along my hand and fingers, the secret ingredient aspect is probably the next best part about making homemade dough!  It makes it special and unique..just like all the strange and beautiful ideas that pass through my grey matter.
Today my dilemma of having only 3 eggs although I need a total of 5 has turned into something not so dramatic, but creatively delicious.  By replacing the egg yolk I need for the crust with 1 tbsp watercress pesto, I have created a whole new version of my savory pastry with a lovely green color to boot!  I might use this technique for St Patrick's day (although nobody cares about wearing green on that day here in France).

Watercress Pastry
125g (4.4 oz) cubed room temperature butter
250g (8.8 oz) flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp watercress pesto
5 cL (1/4 cup) warm water
use the method, then poke with a fork and precook for 10-12 minutes at 200°C (400°F)

Quiche Ingredients
1 special sexy pastry, precooked
2 handfuls broccoli florets, chopped
2 carrots, roasted then cubed
1/2 a camembert, sliced
few dots cream cheese
sprinkle of washed watercress leaves
Beat together:
3 eggs
3/4 cup plain yogurt
1 scant cup whole milk
pinch nutmeg
1 tsp piment d'espelette (or chili powder)
lots of fresh cracked pepper

1.  Place all the vegetables and cheese in the precooked pastry.
2.  Pour the beaten mixture over it.
3.  Bake at 375°F (190°C) for 50 minutes.
4.  Let cool at least 15 minutes.
That last part is the hardest part.  Really.
Mmm perfection!

The watercress is very subtle.. but I know it's there, so that's all that counts.
This is the most perfect quiche I've ever made.  
The filling was light and fluffy.  The yogurt works perfectly in place of heavy cream.  I didn't plan on it that way, but I realized I'd run out of cream while already well into the quiche.
It only gets better from now on...
I can't wait until it's cherry tomato season so I can make a multicolored Cherry Tomato Tarte Tatin!!!!!!!
and various other tarts for that matter.
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