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Friday, May 2, 2014

Fresh Yeast

Fresh yeast is one of those things you try once, and you can never go back to the powder ever again.
It gives fluffy tasty results in anything.  It's also cheaper than the packaged stuff and freezes well, so there really is no excuse to not use it.  I freeze it in 10g portions and then melt it between my fingers into the sugar water when I'm ready to use it.
I've used it in man'ouché, naan, and now bagels.
These bagels continued expanding even after the boil!
The end result is always more satisfying and full of emotion.
Bagels will now be a regular thing at the house.  I pretty much got a standing ovation from my guests.  I used the original recipe but made 10 intend of 12 so they were just slightly bigger in size.  I also used actual malt syrup instead of molasses and less salt.  Plus I may be a little better at getting the toppings on there.
I didn't have enough flour, but next time I'm definitely doubling the recipe (since there already gone anyway) and having a bagel brunch at the house.
Who's in?
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