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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Floor Yourself Salad with Apricots and Feta

Ok, so.. this was not a planned event.  The planned event was a big honking griddled steak and a simple salad.
A simple salad for me is just some red oak leaf lettuce and batavia leaves in some tangy vinaigrette made of mustard, special olive oil, and cider vinegar.  That's how it started, really, but then I heard some incredible siren-like voices that seemed a bit muffled.  I started searching and placing my right ear onto windows and cupboards, trying to figure out the source of the hypnotizing voices.  I eventually evolved toward the fridge, where the song sweetened.  "No... pobrecitas!" I thought, "The lovely things are trapped inside!"  After opening the pleasure box (or pleasure prison, depending on who's side you're on) I discovered my lovely tree-to-my-hands apricots in a harmonized acapello, dedicated to me.  Moved by their lullaby, I plucked one from the group and inspired its aroma.  It softly whispered to me, "take me now.. I am ready."  This is obviously an offer I can't refuse, I must find a way to integrate this beauty into myself through a dish. In response to the pleads, I sliced the plump sweet organic apricot and sprinkled it over my greens.
Now what?  The Happy Place drawer is calling.  I knew right away that my pine nuts were dying to participate, after hearing all the commotion.  I indulged their wants by sprinkling a few over my apricots and greens.
"This salad is starting to have some personality," I thought to myself, "but something is missing..."
And that's when the feta pranced in, taking this nice interesting salad into an all out Floor-Yourself-In-The-First-Bite salad.
Of course the griddled steak was good, that's a constant truth..

... but this salad..

.. there are no words..

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