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Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Seppia of my Life

 Words cannot do this justice.
One must experience this to fully understand the meaning of life.
Cuttlefish, Seiche, or Seppia, however you like to name it, is my all-time favorite living being to enjoy grilled on the plancha.  Whenever I can get my hands on some fresh ones or have it at a restaurant, you can bet it's going to be in my belly.
This is the first time I've cooked such a big one.  The plate shows only half of it (because I unfortunately had to share) but it was a beauty.
The preparation is methodic, but each step gets me more excited until the very first bite where all I can feel is total bliss.  This is powerful stuff.  It pushes my serotonin button and makes my eyes roll back.
The best part is I finally picked my first of 3 beef heart tomatoes to join me in my nirvana-state.
They were perfect.  Just lightly seasoned with Himalayan pink salt, some pepper, and garden parsley.
So how do you prepare Cuttlefish?
Well, you can have your fish monger clean it and remove the skin (which is easier).. or, you can do it yourself... just be careful not to poke your knife into one of the eyes or it will squirt everywhere and might disturb the moment.
The important part is to remove the bone (or plume) and eyes, then pull the skin off and you're done.
For the plancha:
If it is a large one like mine, cut the body in half to make 2 steaks, and score each side diagonally with a knife.
Rub some grated garlic, hot pepper flakes, fleur de sel, and black pepper all over it, then drizzle with olive oil and let it marinate until you're ready to grill (while you're preparing the rest of your sides).
Then, when the plancha or griddle pan is hot, cook it while pressing down (because the sides will curl up) for about 2 minutes on each side.  You should see some nice grill marks.
Then remove and squeeze some lime juice on it and it's ready to go.
Mmmm.. look at that beauty.  I spoke to it at the store before, on the ride home, and while I was preparing it.
It sacrificed itself for me, and I am every so grateful for having experienced this moment...

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