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Monday, June 17, 2013

Business Tripping

I'm armed and dangerous with a pound of shrimp, a Kent mango, cilantro, lime, and feta...
Watch out Marseille, I'm also here for Pleasure...
Mmm shrimp, I will always love you.. Please stay on earth forever!

And Kyo on Avenue Prado is probably the best sushi I've had (in France)
 Here we have some Toro, Shake, Unagi, Ebi, Miso, Wakame and the sushi near the rice is sea urchin.  What's that you say? Yes, sea urchin, which I recommend eating right out of the shell rather than on a bed of sushi rice.  Reallty it is a magnificent creature, but needs to be enjoyed within minutes of shell cracking... not like this.  When "dégusté" the way it was meant to be, and in the correct company, it will definately send you to Euphoria Ln.
I didn't photograph the Green Tea Mochi dessert, but oh does the memory linger on...

Who needs to go out for Fête de la Musique when you have goodies straight from India,  Joe Bonamassa's whole discography, and Nirvana Unplugged on Vinyl?
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