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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I truly had no idea Ethiopian food would be so tasty and full of spices..
and what a delight to have no other choice than to eat with your hands!
The Messob in Lyon 6 is the only Ethiopian place in the area, so it would be hard to compare, but the experience was one I would gladly relive.
Everyone is served in the same dish, and you pick at it with little rolls of Ethiopian bread, which isn't really bread, but some steamed tortilla on which the food is served.  I don't remember all the names of the dishes, but I do know this:
On the middle right is Doro Wot, chicken in spices with egg and Ethiopian cheese.
Middle left is an egg curry served as a main dish.
On the periphery are individual servings of spinach, turmeric coral lentils, chickpea puree, sauteed vegetables, salad, mincedmeat curry, and one I'm forgetting but that I really enjoyed.
After the meal, you can have real freshly Ethiopian coffee, torrified in house.  It's flavor is strong but not overwhelming and it leaves you with a pleasant aftertaste, unlike any other coffee I've ever had.

This was a nice temporary cure for my Indian food craving that is flaring up again.  It will hold me off until tomorrow.

*It is now tomorrow and I made a wonderful whole green mung Patel style curry, but the photo is hideous, so I will have to make it  and post it at another time.
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