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Saturday, November 23, 2013

2 Weeks in Quebec

 Traditional meal: Eggs, smoked bacon, sausages cooked in maple syrup, pinto beans, potatoes.. all doused with a dash of home made maple syrup.. followed by buckwheat pancakes with maple butter.  Maple butter is 100% maple syrup simmered down to a buttery consistency.  That was the real highlight of the trip.  Very good.. very filling
 Local fare: La Tourtière.  It is like a Boeuf Bourguignon pot pie.  Actually, that's exactly what it is.
 La Poutine:  Popular fast food (and restaurant food) consisting of home fries topped with cheese curds, a gravy sauce, and then exotic toppings.  On the right is duck and on the left, lobster.  Pretty good.  It reminded me of carne asada fries.. mmmmm carne asada fries... except I was sober, and there was no guacamole or salsa. 
Buffalo wings:  I don't think I've ever seen as many restaurants specialized in buffalo wings as I did in Trois Rivières.  Nothing spectacular, but you can't miss them if you go there.
 Getting Asian.  Most non fast food food happens to be Asian.  Here is a Mongolian hot pot in Chinatown in Montreal.  One half of the hot pot is spicy, the other half regular.  The spicy side was seriously spicy.  Wow.  The surroundings are all you can eat Mongolian lamb, hand pulled noodles, tofu, algae, bok choy, quail eggs, and various other things you can keep ordering as you go.  This meal was so good, I decided to go back on a later date.  That never happens while I'm traveling.  Can you sense the happiness going on in my mind?  The photo doesn't show all the fixings.
 Then you fish your goodies out of the broth and plop them onto you plate and can arrange dipping sauces and eat with chopsticks or a spoon.  NO FORKS!!
 What a lovely rule.
The meat was heavenly, and the rest just made me drunk with pleasure for several hours.  Really, I didn't want to have dinner after a lunch like this because I didn't want to ruin the day.
I need to convince that Mongolian girl that works at the Coreen Barbecue in Lyon to open up her own restaurant.  I'd definately go regularly!
Vietnamese.  This dish is chicken sautéed in cari sauce with veggies and bean thread noodles.  Nice and spicy!
And then there was sushi..
The small makis were disgraceful.  Who puts industrial smoked salmon in a Philly roll?  Gross.  The rest was good though.  Especially the mango yellowtail roll.  Maybe it was just my Trois Rivières experience, but they have a loooong way to go before catching up to California or Florida sushi.
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