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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Comfort Food

After 2 weeks of almost full time fast food, this meal was a blessing.
Chanterelle mushrooms, cooked in some of the duck fat, with a dollop of cream.

All of these simple but delicious and easily accessible things make me very happy to be living in France (or at least not living in a certain part of Quebec).

I calculated the cost of this simple but fancy meal, just for kicks.. 6€50 per person.  You can't even get a fast food meal in Quebec for that price!

My real craving is obviously Indian food, but I decided to do that tomorrow when all my senses will be correctly functioning.  I can't really correctly arrange a sentence right now.. plus, I needed overnight soaking time.

I would have happily started to make cookies, pie, or muffins from pure maple products, but my luggage decided not to take the same plane as I did, so I won't have access to any of the good stuff until tomorrow evening.
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