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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Calamari in Ink Linguine

I succumbed (again) to the natural juices of the calamari. 
Completely undecided tonight about the meal plan, I stood, hunched several times in front of the open fridge, then the "pantry" cabinet (I no longer have the magnificent walk-in pantry I once had).  The can of calamari in ink was begging me to let it shine tonight, though I had bought it to use as happy hour fare originally.
1 can (125g) calamari in ink
1filet white fish, cubed
1 onion, diced
1 yellow bell, diced
I tomato, chopped
1lb linguine
3 cloves garlic, grated
3 tbsp EVOO
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup heavy cream
Salt/ fresh ground pepper
Grated parmesan
1.  Cook pasta al dente in a large pot of salted water.
2.  While you wait for all the magic to happen with the pasta, sweat the onions in the EVOO.
3.  Add the bell and cook until it starts sticking to the pan.
4.  Add the tomatoes for some juicy goodness and garlic for flavor.  Stir and cook for about 5 minutes before adding the water and simmering.
5.  When the bell is at desired tenderness, add the fish and calamari with ink and heat through about 2 minutes.  You do not want to overcook the fish or it will fall apart.  Taste and adjust the seasoning.
6.  Toss with the al dente pasta and stir in the cream.

Serve topped with grated parmesan and some heat (red pepper flakes worked well).

As if sent directly from above...
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  1. This picture is wonderful it activates the gustatory sense, we want to eat just for pleasure