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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Roasted Pumpkin

Has anyone roasted a whole pumpkin before?
I'm giving it a try right now.  
Pumpkin, I thought about you all night long!
Actually, I've been thinking of you since the day the angels dropped you into my life.
Now that you're here, I'm going to treat you right.
I will roast you whole, to preserve ou flavor and juices.  Your skin will be nice and crispy.  I will undress you of your pyjamas to expose your flesh.  I will extract your seeds with my bare hands, and they will pleasure my tastebuds in yet another way...
Your flesh will be used in various recipes.  Tonight you will be dessert.  Tomorow, soup, then chili, then who knows? You will never cease to inspire me.
Pumpkin, I've waited so long for you to appear.  You are awakening a comforing feeling inside me with the aroma you are dispersing through the house.  I hope you are enjoying your stay.

Yes, this is exactly my idea of a perfect rainy saturday.  Spending all day in the kitchen making pumpkin business and hummus (thanks to the Tahini that dropped from the sky).
After 2 hours at 190°C
 It rendered a lot of water.  So much that I spilled some on the kitchen floor and got yelled at.
Here's the amount of pulp I collected.  Those are chickpeas on the back burner waiting to be transformed into delicious homemade hummus.
 Then,  I started my Pumpkin Pie
Here's the best part:
The seeds were tossed in some EVOO and Red Robin seasoning, then roasted.
These are going to be great in some pesto... if there are any left by the time I buy some basil.
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