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Monday, May 20, 2013

Chicken & Cêpe Risotto

So you buy a rotisserie chicken...the legs, wings, and half a breast were eaten, and now you're left with 1 1/2 breast (rather dry) and the little pieces of meat you were able to pick off the carcass with your fingers.  You need to feed 3 people a healthy meal without them knowing it. Go!
While I was out of town, I bought this mixture of red quinoa and whole wheat bulgur.  I had about 1/4 cup traditional quinoa left as well and decided to use it.  I'd never had red quinoa before.  It has more health benefits than the beige and a slightly different flavor as well.
I used my Lamb & Cêpe Risotto recipe and used the leftover chicken instead of lamb.
This recipe is a big big hit.  I think I'm going to completely convert to using quinoa + bulgur in risotto instead of arborio rice.  I could go 100% quinoa too but I'm not sure I'd use all red.
I'm sorry if that offends any risotto purists, but I just like it better.  There us a big plus in it as's healthier long as you don't use too much cream.

*don't use bulgur if you're GF!
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