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Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Happy Place

Though the kitchen is 85% mine, there is one place nobody ever dares (and had better not try) to go.
This is my happy place.  My spice drawer is my secret weapon.  I like to nurture it, introcuce it to new things, and help it grow.  As a way to get out of teamwork housecleaning, I decided to "clean" my spice drawer by labeling everything.  I was actually suprised at the number of different things I ended up labeling.  The crazy part is that I use each and every one of those spices almost regularly.  I have refills for certain things in another cabinet, too.
There are a few things I brought back from India, some I discovered yesterday exist in France, and others were graciously gifted to me so I can work my magic...the good kind.
My most recent addition to the family is the nigella -  a black seed sometimes called black cumin or black onion seeds.  According to the Enlightened ones, they can cure anything but death.
As my paneer is being pressed, I'm contemplating what to do with them.
I'm not sure I've ever had this much fun "cleaning" anything ever before.
The best part is while I was doing this, the rest of the house cleaned itself.
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