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Friday, May 17, 2013

Green Tea in Dessert

Top: Slices of sweet potato, green tea, and chestnut cake
Bottom: Green tea tiramisu

I'm not one for desserts, but the ones at Kyo Sushi in Marseille are intriguing and suprisingly not too sweet.  I love the bitterness green tea adds to dessert.  This makes me want to experiment.  There's a sort of balance that makes it work in many different ways. Maybe some green tea cookies? aaaahh I think I'd like that!
Green tea also adds a magic touch in things like soba or ice cream.  Mmm!!

Their appetizers are also wonderful..
Miso soup with turnips and carrots and without mushrooms (whaaa???) but sooo good!
Wakame salad - always a winner
Strange octopus cheese balls which were interesting.

I didn't get the rest of the meal.. oops, ate too quickly.  Their sashimi and maki are top quality that you can feel sliding down your throat.  The chefs come straight from Japan, and the blond Frenchie waitor even speaks Japanese.  It's a modern type of restaurant, but the sushi is the real thing.  I think I finally found a worthy sushi restaurant in France.  Why does it have to be a 3 hour drive from where I live?
Same goes for Namaste, the Indian restaurant in Marseille.
I just might have to move...
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