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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Spaghetti Squash

How strange and intriguing.
I decided to steam it whole in my pressure cooker.  After 15 minutes under pressure, I tried to stick a knife into it and it resisted, so it went in for another 10 minutes.
I carefully removed it with oven mitts, then sliced it in half lengthwise and removed the pulp and seeds.  The seeds are lovely.  I decided to keep them and roast them.
Then, I scraped the flesh with a fork.  Low and behold, angel hair!  One squash gave me a whole plateful of angel hair, and a small bowl of non stranded cooked flesh.  Which I will of course put to good use.
I tasted it naked, expecting a strong pumpkin-like flavor.  It's actually subtle, but definately recognizeable as part of the squash family.
 I'll be tossing it with rocket pesto and sundried tomatoes alongside some roasted chicken.
It kept its al dente texture, which is nice.  I was afraid it would become mushy.  It reminded me of cellophane noodles.. which means next time, I'll be making Pad Thai with these.
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  1. I just love the way you describe all this. And how is spaghetti squash called in France, "courge spaghetti?" Bisous. Maman

  2. Yes it's courge spaghetti. Thanx maman!