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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Spirelli this, Spirelli that

The Spirelli is probably my favorite kitchen toy. As far as giving me visual and textural plate satisfaction, the Spirelli wins.
Above is beet spaghetti (with a squeeze of lemon) alongside a slice of Quinoa Prasopita.  I subbed quinoa for coarse semolina and it came out just lovely.  
The Spirelli works well with carrots, too.  I made a nice side to my steak the other day using carrots and cucumber, lightly sprinkled with cumin, ginger powder, and tossed with feta and chopped parsley.
There are endless opportunities for the vegetables coming face to face with the Spirelli.
I have a long hard vegetable just waiting to be "sharpened" by my beloved toy
...the white turnip.  
I just need a good plan and it's going to blow me away.
Oooh I can't wait!
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