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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Parsley Chicken Pesto

I love my magic bullet.  It is so easy to bust out a sauce or chutney with it.  Easy to clean, fun to watch, pleasant to use.  I'm even extremely gentle with it since I'm afraid to break it or overload it.
Tonight, I did exactly the same thing as my Rocket Pesto, but
Subbed flat leaf parsley for arugula
Roasted pumpkin seeds for pinenuts
added a dash of cream
In the pasta I used roasted chicken legs, a handful of cêpes, and fresh tomatoes instead of dried.

This is a very interesting variation.  It has that addicting aftertaste you get when eating escargot (without all the beurre) yet still feels like a pesto with the nutty parmesan flavor.  Flat leaf parsley has so much more flavor than curly parsley... je oualide.
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