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Monday, June 30, 2014

Repurposing a Failed Attempt into a Delight

So.. I tried making deviled eggs recently and failed terribly.  I underestimated the cooking time because of a much larger egg size and ended up with soft boiled eggs instead of almost hard.
The thing is, I had already peeled and halved most of them, so giving them an extra few minutes cooking time was no longer an option.  Given that the deviled eggs are supposed to be served on the half shell (well, technically, the half white) I had completely destroyed my original attempt.
I ate 2 of those eggs on the spot out of mere fury, so I was left with 4 chopped gooey soft boiled eggs with chopped cucumbers and a spoonful of dijon-black current mustard.
There is no way I would waste such good food, so I put this "dressing" into a tupperware and thought I might be able to use it on a salad.
Oh yes was I able to use it on a salad!
It turns out that the next day, the cucumbers had "sweat" making the goop into a perfectly textured chunky salad dressing.  All I had to do was put a salad together and call it dinner!
Since I had grilled up a few veal cutlets, I decided to use part of one as a topping and then wing it from there.  It was actually delightful.  If I would never have told myself that this was just a way to figure out how to not throw out those gooey chopped eggs, I never would have guessed!  The best part is there is absolutely no added fat.  It's creamy enough as it is.
Serves 2
4 extra large steamed or soft boiled eggs, cooled, peeled, and chopped (preferably in a bowl)
few handfuls torn batavia leaves (or whatever salad you want, really)
1/4 cucumber, diced
1 tsp dijon-black current mustard (or normal dijon mustard)
few cracks black pepper
just a small squeeze of lime
pinch of fleur de sel
1 Tbsp capers
1 veal (or chicken or turkey) cutlet, grilled and sliced
1 handful chopped basil
baked split gram (channa daal) for crunch
I know some of these things don't really seem to go together, but trust me, this works.  Just toss it all together.

Never judge a book by it's cover.. you'd be sorry to miss the adventure inside...

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