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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Homemade Ravioli Experiment

I bought myself a new toy yesterday.  It was very hard to keep it in the box until Christmas and today it has become futile to even try.  We're all adults here, don't judge me.
I'm so excited it's coming out NOW and I'm getting my hands dirrty!!
 Join me along with Dark Side of the Moon on my quest to make Ravioli.  
This is a test.  I repeat this is a test.  the results will then be evaluated and ingredients readjusted for an appetizer I will be presenting among various other things on NYE.
 2 cups flour + 2 eggs
 + a bit of EVOO, salt and a drizzle of water = dough.  I didn't use all the flour.  We're just going to have to see where this goes.
Filling made of salmon, spinach, fresh goat cheese, parmesan, garlic, a bit of chili powder, a dash of turmeric and some tarragon.  Mmm I licked my fingers.  Oops!

I'm not finished yet.  I'm waiting for the dough to settle 30 minutes before I proceed by passing it through the torture machine.
 Ah yes, here we are.  Let the torture begin...
 Isn't that nice?  At this point I confirm that 4 hands would be better than 2.  At least for the dough catching.  Any volunteers?
 These first ones were a little large, so I decreased the filling in the following ones.
 1 tsp filling, fold over, and cut out.  Then repeat until the dough or filling runs out.  My filling ran out and I only used 3/4 of my dough.  Interesting.
Yield: 29 ravioli or 3 servings.  I'm going to number them and eat them in order.
Boil for 4 minutes 
and then carefully place in a dish with 2 tablespoons of a nice buttery lemon garlic cream sauce.  Sprinkle with chives, parmesan and pepper.

Oh how I love creating beautiful things.

This was quite an experience.  Wonderful texture, great flavor.  I can see myself doing a number of variations with the filling now that I got the hang of using the machine.  For NYE I was asked not to put any fish or meat inside them, so I may be going with goat cheese/sundried tomato/zucchini or something similar.

It takes a lot of time, but I enjoy doing this type of thing with my 2 hands.  Now if I can only find a cheesecloth and possibly another hand.
Some people prefer to paint...
(you can be proud now)
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  1. What a pleasure to feel this aroma and guess this chewy texture

  2. Wow! I wish I were in Lyon right now in order to eat with you... I'm impressed! You are now an Italian chef too! Love. Maman