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Sunday, January 6, 2013

No Whey!

One of the best parts about going the "home made" route is being able to control what you put into your body, and if you pay attention to the Sideshow Bob of your work, you can end up with incredibly nutritious by-products such as this whey.
This time, I didn't let that whey go down the drain while making my paneer.  Whey can be used as a substitute for milk in almost any recipe.  It can be used to knead when in need, and is a good vegetarian substitute for broth.  All those muscle people eat it in powdered form because it's protein favors muscle development and helps prevent its destruction.  All I was planning on was making some Indian cheese and here I end up with a miracle of life, for free.
It's a strange yellowish green color, but in tomorrow's oatmeal I won't see any difference.
Whey, now that I'm in control, I want You in my body...
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