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Friday, January 4, 2013

Rocket Chicken Pesto

Loving that green.  Makes me want to wear it out.
Arugula is inticing.  It's between salad and herb, and tonight, it replaced fresh basil in my pesto.  I suppose this is a poor people pesto.  Rocket (arugula) is much cheaper than basil (especially this time of year) and toasted butternut squash seeds are waaay cheaper than pine nuts.
Add some chicken, a handful of sundried tomatoes and some cauliflower (to trick the enemy) and you have yourself a bright green sexy pasta meal.

1 bunch arugula (about 2-3 handfuls)
5 cloves peeled garlic
4 handfuls parmesan
handful pinenuts or other seeds
1/4 cup (I admit I didn't measure) EVOO
Blend it
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