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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Burmese Sardine Wraps

I decided this was Burmese because of the 2 Burmese dishes I had as leftovers and the fried dried shallots I sprinkled on top of my mixture before wrapping it all up.
Looks like I slaved pretty hard on this one, doesn't it?  Well, since I used some leftovers, the longest part was cooking the bean thread noodles... about 5 minutes.
Here's what goes into my Romaine Lettuce leaves:
Grilled sardines rubbed with Sriracha and cilantro
Glass noodles (mung bean thread noodles)
Fried dried scallops
some Hot Hot Chili
a little Eggplant Curry on one
a little Paneer in tomato sauce on another one
Fold it up like a taco, and eat with your hands, being sure to get it all over the place, but loving every second of it.
I let all the ingredients cool to room temperature and I think it's probably the best way to eat it.  Those glass noodles have a lovely texture and you can feel them properly when they're not piping hot.  My only regret is that I don't have any more noodles left to make this again tonight!
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