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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Chile Oil

As I psychologically prepare for after dark plancha time invlolving my dear friends the Gambas and the Sepias, I macerate chilis in oil.
It is my all time favorite pizza topping.. Probably more than parmesan, and I can easily imagine myself using it as part of a marinade or even as a condiment on...anything in the world.  The ones you buy can be expensive and sometimes the ingredients listed are some unknown vegetable oil.
There are only 2 oils with which chili oil is acceptable:
Grapeseed oil
Don't go putting anything else in there unless you would dip you finger into it and happily lick it clean and repeat!
So this is more of an experiment because I mixed in fresh and dried ingredients, hoping for the best, and sadly realizing I should have done this last week if I wanted to use it today.  Once I have it readily available, I may find myself making it once a week with my other batch duties such as paneer, cookies, and the less glorious...laundry.
By the way, I read that people that eat cayenne pepper are less likely to be depressive.  I'm assuming the study refers to the endorphins released by raw heat, and I'm going to make a quick assumption that I my have found one of the contributors to my wild any-time-of-the-day mood.
Which is why I absolutely need to have homemade chili oil on hand at all times.
When I lived in the north, I would bring crushed red peppers to work to put in my chemical tomato soup while my coworkers drank their morning coffee.  At first they thought I was a strange specimen, but I did get a few of them to join me.  Who wouldn't agree with choosing spice over caffeine in the morning?
I digress...
250mL EVOO
5-6 dried oiseau chilis (tiny hot ones)
5-6 fresh cayenne peppers, slit, but not halved
1 tsp szechuan pepper
1 garlic clove, peeled and lightly crushed
1 sprig fresh rosemary
1 bay leaf
Place everything into a bottle and let macerate for a week (or a few hours in my case).

I say macerate and not marinate because I'm not planning on removing the ingredients to use later.  It's actually the reverse process I'm interested ing... The flavors all the ingredients will release into the oil.

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