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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sardines à la Plancha

Some marinated in magic green chutney, some naked
I don't think I've ever enjoyed sardines as much as I did today.. and this was just the appetizer!
Fresh whole Mediterranean sardines may be the best I have available.  I avoided the big ones, since I didn't gut them.  I think the Med ones are better than atlantic because the Med is a lot saltier, so the fish ends up tastier.
I wanted to do a marinade, but again, since the fish is whole, it doesn't make much difference.  The green chutney works well as...well, a chutney while you eat.  I turned up my plancha to 300°C sprayed a bit of EVOO, layed these babies on their right side for about 1 min 30 sec, then I flipped them to their left side and did the same while squeezing some lime during the cooking.  Before removing them, I lightly sprinkled with salt and served just like that, on a communal plate and ordered my very French guests to eat with their hands, and eat the entire sardine...head to tail, just like I did.


It's a psychological thing, I suppose.  They insisted on using utensils and removing the bones and didn't even taste my chutney.  Ah le french!
The head gives nice extra crunch to the sardines.  It really isn't necessary to start picking the meat off the bones
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