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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Steak Savoyard

Not sure they have Tapatio in the Savoye region of France, but who cares, right?  I don't know if this is a real recipe or my better half's idea of what Savoyards eat.  Either way, it makes the party happen.  We made these for 8 people and it was quite a hit.
Ingredients for 1:
100g all Beef patty
2-4 slices Tomme or Reblechon(mountain cheese)
1 slice ham
1 egg
some butter
fresh ground pepper
1.  Cook the patty in the butter just under desired doneness.
2.  Cook the egg sunny side up just under desired doneness.
3.  On the slice of high quality ham, place half the cheese slices, the patty, then the rest of the cheese on top.  Fold the ham over all this goodness and place the egg on top.
4.  When this is done for all the guests, place everybody in a baking dish and heat on high in the oven for approximately 5 minutes (so the cheese melts)

Serve with salad (unfortunately not pictured) and home fries.  Add the pepper and Tapatio on the plate.
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